Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WLW - Let's get this kicked into gear

        So, I'm not sure what happened yesterday. But I had a good spurt of energy even though I was also absolutely exhausted from Gabriel not sleeping well still. Weird, I know. But, I got some cleaning done, laundry folded, and I even did a mini workout! I did 10 push-ups(girl push-ups but hey, you gotta start somewhere!), 12 sit ups, 10 squats, 10 lunges(10 each leg), and 15 side crunches(each side). And man my body is burning today! I could barely walk up and down the stairs yesterday afterwards and today is even worse. But that's good! Today I did the first 6 moves of this workout Self Fitness Butt Workout.  Then I did this ab and butt work out from That link is to their website. This link is to the video on pinterest(I can't find the actual video on their website =/ ) Bonus A$$ and Legs workout. And man am I going to feel those later! For the end of the video where she uses a sandbag I just didn't use weights and I did 15 regular push-ups instead of inverted. I really liked the workout and the lady was really sweet. But I didn't like the attire and most of their videos look to have similar clothing. Why didn't I like it? Well 2 reasons really. 1, because it was super skimpy and 2, because I didn't need that blow to my ego haha. But, seeing her super toned body was also kind of motivating.

        I haven't changed much. Weight is still at 189. I got down to 187 as of last Thursday. But we ate out a few times this weekend so I went back up. As for my measurements. I'm not sure where I stand. I am about to do them now, so this should be interesting.

                      Neck: 13 1/2 in (Up 1/2 in)
                      Arms: 13 in (Up 1 in)
                     Chest: 41 in (Down 1 1/2 in)
                     Waist: 37 in (Same)
                       Hips: 45 in (Same)
                   Thighs: 24 in (Up 1/2 in)

        Well, some of those might be off because I'm not actually using a tape measure. I'm using a cord and then measuring that. Ours broke and we still haven't picked one up. But, either way I'm happy. Going to try and workout again during nap time. Do some sit ups, side crunches, lunges, and who knows what else. It's quite weird. I've had random spurts where I felt like I wanted to get healthy and workout. But it was just a feeling of I want to be there not like I wanted to do the work to get there. But, yesterday and today I actually want to workout. It is like an itch to want to do more sit ups and push ups. But, I'm going to run with it and take this burst of randomness as far as I can. Hopefully to the finish line! Hopefully next week I will be down to 185 or less and will post an update picture =)

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