Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WLW - Let's get this kicked into gear

        So, I'm not sure what happened yesterday. But I had a good spurt of energy even though I was also absolutely exhausted from Gabriel not sleeping well still. Weird, I know. But, I got some cleaning done, laundry folded, and I even did a mini workout! I did 10 push-ups(girl push-ups but hey, you gotta start somewhere!), 12 sit ups, 10 squats, 10 lunges(10 each leg), and 15 side crunches(each side). And man my body is burning today! I could barely walk up and down the stairs yesterday afterwards and today is even worse. But that's good! Today I did the first 6 moves of this workout Self Fitness Butt Workout.  Then I did this ab and butt work out from That link is to their website. This link is to the video on pinterest(I can't find the actual video on their website =/ ) Bonus A$$ and Legs workout. And man am I going to feel those later! For the end of the video where she uses a sandbag I just didn't use weights and I did 15 regular push-ups instead of inverted. I really liked the workout and the lady was really sweet. But I didn't like the attire and most of their videos look to have similar clothing. Why didn't I like it? Well 2 reasons really. 1, because it was super skimpy and 2, because I didn't need that blow to my ego haha. But, seeing her super toned body was also kind of motivating.

        I haven't changed much. Weight is still at 189. I got down to 187 as of last Thursday. But we ate out a few times this weekend so I went back up. As for my measurements. I'm not sure where I stand. I am about to do them now, so this should be interesting.

                      Neck: 13 1/2 in (Up 1/2 in)
                      Arms: 13 in (Up 1 in)
                     Chest: 41 in (Down 1 1/2 in)
                     Waist: 37 in (Same)
                       Hips: 45 in (Same)
                   Thighs: 24 in (Up 1/2 in)

        Well, some of those might be off because I'm not actually using a tape measure. I'm using a cord and then measuring that. Ours broke and we still haven't picked one up. But, either way I'm happy. Going to try and workout again during nap time. Do some sit ups, side crunches, lunges, and who knows what else. It's quite weird. I've had random spurts where I felt like I wanted to get healthy and workout. But it was just a feeling of I want to be there not like I wanted to do the work to get there. But, yesterday and today I actually want to workout. It is like an itch to want to do more sit ups and push ups. But, I'm going to run with it and take this burst of randomness as far as I can. Hopefully to the finish line! Hopefully next week I will be down to 185 or less and will post an update picture =)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Number 5 aka Catching Up

        Sorry, I haven't been around folks. I know I've apoligized for this before, but things keep getting in the way of me updating. The Hubs is still doing school work that requires him to have the computer most nights and during the day I'm chasing the boys around while trying to catch up on things on Facebook with my phone and clean. I still haven't had the opportunity to do much exercise wise. And I'm starting to wonder if that will ever change or if I'll have to start waking up at 5 every morning just so I can get something done. Which just getting up will be a task, much less having to be productive. I have never been a morning person. And not getting much sleep the last few nights has really been taking it's toll on me. I don't even remember The Hubs waking me up yesterday morning to tell me goodbye before he left for work! Ugh. Anywho, here is an update on the whole weight loss thing.

         Weight: 189(as of this morning - same as last week - a total of 6 lbs so far)


                        Neck: 13 in (same)
                        Arms: 12 in (down 1 in)
                       Chest: 42 1/2 in (same)
                       Waist: 37 in (down 1 in since last time - down 4 1/2 in total)
                         Hips: 45 in (same)
                     Thighs: 23 1/2 (down 1/2 in - down 1/2 in total)

        This week should be the last week of school for The Hubs, so hopefully I'll be around more often. But, with two littles who knows! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend. I will hopefully get to go trash picking so you know my weekend will be good! =)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

A random update

        Sorry I haven't been around. The Hubs has been needing his computer to do school work and the internet isn't currently hooked up to my computer. Gotta love the shared internet on base. Not. Anywho, we are all doing good. I haven't been working out still and have been sort of eating healhty. I didn't try to do the 3 day diet this week and failed last week. But here are my current measurements:

             Weight - 189 lbs (Down 1 from last update - Down 6 lbs total)

                       Neck: 13 in (same)
                       Arms: 13 in (Up 1 1/2 in from last update)
                      Chest: 42 1/2 (same)
                      Waist: 38 in (Down 1 in from last update - Down 3 1/2 in total)
                        Hips: 45 in (same)
                    Thighs: 24 in (same)

        So, not too bad. I had gotten back up to 192 over the last couple weeks though. I'm currently thinking about trying something else. Trying to get a work out in somehow other than nap time. I'll try to have a review this Saturday. It will be a short one though. And I will try to be back in the Manic Mommy Monday action as well as updating on Wednesday for my Weight Loss Wednesdays. Thanks for stopping by! =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - The fourth kind

        **Coming Soon**
Sorry guys, it's gonna have to wait. Gabriel had his 4 month well baby visit this morning and had to get shots. He did awesome at his appointment, he was all smiles and giggles. He is 24in(19th percentile) and 14 lbs 3 oz(34th percentile). So much smaller than his big brother! I'm kind of surprised. But it just goes to show how different kids are. The nurse and his pediatrican were both totally surprised with how advanced he is because he is already rolling(belly to back and back to belly), is trying to sit up, and can sit on his own for a few seconds at a time. Everything I was telling them they kept saying "Wow! He's not supposed to be doing that yet, that's supposed to be brought up at his 6 month appointment!". Quite a proud mommy moment, if I do say so myself. But then again, his big brother was the same way!
Well, after he got his shots he became quite sleepy and grumpy. But since we got home he has only wanted to be on me. So, I don't think much will get done today. And that is including me measuring myself. I will try to do it later today or tomorrow. I'm not sure which, it will depend on how my Mini Monkey is feeling.
 I can tell you that I am only at about 189 lbs as of this morning. I meant to try the 3 day diet again this week. But stress got the better of me and I cheated. I was actually doing alright yesterday(Day 2) but we ended up going to a going away party for someone who is in the Honor Guard with Hubs. And of course it was for dinner, which they usually are, and it was at a pizzaria. But, on the bright side the pizza was super tasty! hehe
 **My poor baby not feeling good =( **
**Big brother giving him some big kisses**

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh my...

It's that time of the week again folks...Manic Mommy Monday time! We have a button now. How exciting! So, if you want to join in on the fun then go here.

        Temper tantrums and playing in the toilet. My dear sweet Daniel is about to drive me crazy. He goes to the bathroom by himself and will often get upset if you try to go with him or make him go. But this past week he plays in the toilet water almost every time he goes to the bathroom! I go in to find him wet, the floor wet, the toilet seat wet, and globs of wet toilet paper. I can't tell you how often we have to wash dish towels from cleaning up the bathroom and random accidents.

        And my sweet Gabriel was nice enough to sleep for 6+ hours last night again! He had started waking up every couple of hours wanting to nurse. Needless to say I was one worn out mama. But last night I let him nurse, gave him some oatmeal cereal mixed with bananas, gave him his bath, and then put him to bed. He got laid down around 9:30 and didn't wake up until 4!

        And today, more cleaning. We had done a bunch this weekend, but more needs to be done. So, I have a fun filled day ahead of me. I am thinking I will have to sit and read more of my book though. I'm reading the latest of the Mortal Instruments Series, . I absolutely love the series but haven't had near enough time to finish the last one! So, I think it's time to catch up :).

        Here are some pictures from our weekend. And no, none of them are of the messes I've had to clean up or of a poor temper tantrum face hehe.


        I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend. This mommy is going to go rest for a while!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Number 3

        Well, it's that time again folks. Time for me to post about my failures and progress again. I didn't work out this week. I know, bad me. But it wasn't that great of a week. I had headaches, tired/grumpy kids, you name it. But I did start to try out a new diet Monday. It is called the "3 Day Diet" aka "Military Diet". You do it for 3 days, eat normal for 4 days, do it for 3 days, etc etc. It's not complicated. Just have to follow the menu. And if you follow it spot on you are supposed to be able to lose up to 10 lbs in the 3 days. I failed a couple of times. But I actually lost weight. I am going to start doing it every Monday - Wednesday. Or at least try to. Here are my stats for this week:

             Weight(as of this morning) - 190 lbs (Down 4 lbs from last week - 5 lbs total)

                            Neck: 13 in (Down 1/2 in from last week)
                           Arms: 11 1/2 in (Down 1/2 in from last week)
                           Chest: 42 1/2 in (Same)
                          Waist: 39 in (Down 1 1/2 in from last week - 2 1/2 in total)
                            Hips: 45 in (Down 1 1/2 in from last week)
                         Thighs: 24 in (Same)

        So, all in all, not too shabby. Hopefully I will have as good of news to report next week!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Cleaning, cooking, and laundry..OH MY!

        It's another Manic Mommy Monday folks. Don't forget, if you want to join us go HERE.

        That totally explains my life. Though, looking at my house you'd never know it. Tried to relax with the Hubs this weekend though. We had a pretty good weekend spent around the house watching football and enjoying each other's company.

        Daniel, the little stink, has decided to start saying all sorts of things! The Hubs had been kinda worried for a long time because he hasn't really said much. Yes, he has been saying a bunch of different words for a long time. But it wasn't as much as other kids his age. But the last week he has just been going non-stop! He started saying cow, moo, cat, dog, down, Shrek, bless you, I love you, and a bunch of others I can't even think of right now. Sure, they don't come out exactly like they should. But he is getting there and I'm so proud of him.
        Gabriel is growing like a weed. I decided to try giving him some baby food randomly. He has tried peas once, oatmeal cereal w/ breast milk once or twice, carrots once, bananas a couple of times, and peach a couple of times. He absolutely loved the bananas and peaches. He was okay with the carrots but didn't like the peas and oatmeal cereal. It was quite funny because this morning he saw the Hubs sit down with a cup of applesauce and a spoon and started going crazy! He was flinging his arms and legs about and yelling at him. He is also trying to sit up on his own and roll from back to belly. When he is laying down he will strain like he is trying to pull himself up to sit up and will sit a few seconds when I do sit him up. He rolled from back to belly for the first time this morning. It took him a bit to do it, but he did it!

        I have finally decided to go back to college. I have felt this nagging need to do it in the back of my gut and mind. But I have never done it or continued doing it because I just couldn't figure out what I wanted my major to be. I have finally decided, well sort of, what I will do. I am going to go to the local college and do my basics. I'm going to try and do as many of them as I can online. This coming January I am going to submit an application to an online degree college(through the Air Force) for a scholarship. The scholarship is for a full ride to said online college for whatever degree you want for military spouses. I won't find out until June or July of next year if I get it or not. If I get the scholarship I will do their criminal justice bachelor's degree. If I don't get it, I will continue going to the local college. I still haven't quite figured out what major I would pick if that happened. My "end game" plan, so to speak, is to finish out a bachelor's degree no matter what. Once I'm done with it Daniel should be getting ready to go to kindergarten(yes, this fact makes me want to cry haha). So, I will put him in public school part time and do homeschool part time. That way he can get some interaction with other kids and be able to do the neat little science and art stuff that I just couldn't do at home. But I can still teach him other things that we believe to be important. IE faith, more history, etc. And I will put Gabriel into daycare part time. That way, while they are in school, I can go have a job. If I end up not doing that, then so be it. But at least I will have the degree finished and the option to.

        Now, to look through the fluff mail and pictures I got in today! You have an absolutely wonderful day and don't forget...Sons of Anarchy starts tomorrow night! My rear will be firmly planted in front of the TV for it =)


Now, who doesn't like coming home to a mailbox full of fluff mail and pictures? =)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Turning into a 50's wife/mom

        So, as promised(via my personal Facebook page), I am posting a recipe today. Chili to be exact! It is to go along with my new apron that I won from PBKW Aprons' Facebook page. I love it! It is absolutely adorable. Now all I need is an amazing 50's/vintage style dress, some heels, and a martini to go along with it! hehe I could totally be a 50's wife/mom if only I had the right attire. Hmmm, something to talk the Hubs into perhaps? I think yes. =)

        Be sure to go check out either PBKW Aprons' Facebook page or her etsy page(linked above). She has adorable aprons. And she can do just about whatever theme/color combo you want! I told her "Patriotic and blue" and got this! I was so excited to get it in the mail yesterday.

Anywho, here it is. My adorable apron.
And now, what you've all been waiting for....the recipe! I originally got the recipe from my wonderful Dad. I'm not sure where he got it or if he came up with it all on his own. Knowing that man, you just never know hehe. I am going to post it here but it can also be found on my recipe's page HERE.
        It is seriously delicious. Don't let the appearance fool you. I thought that it looked like spaghetti sauce after it was finished. But one bite and we were all hooked! It even won the chili cookoff that the Hubs' shop had a year or two ago! It is to die for with some cheese and sour cream on top. Mmmm, I might just have to make it again soon! Good thing the weather is starting to turn cooler so that recipes like this will be made more often. Enjoy =)

No-Bean Chili
**Sorry, no picture at the moment**
****Thanks Dad for the recipe =) ****

3 lbs Ground meat lean
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp black pepper
2 tablespoons cumin
1 tsp ginger
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
1 small can of tomato paste
1/2 cup boiling water
1 large tomato diced
4 ounce can of V8 juice
1 cup of onion diced
1 tablespoon salt
3 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon dried mustard
1 tsp dried oregano
1 large can tomato sauce
1/2 can of beer(or water)
1 jalapeno
4 tablespoons olive oil

Cook meat in a large pot and chop it with spoon or spatula until it is completely broken up. You don't want big chunks. Drain and remove. Saute onion and garlic in the left over oil from the meat. Add all of the spices. Pour in enough olive oil to make the mixture wet. Cook for about 4-5 minutes on med low heat to get the spices roasted. Add beef, all wet ingredients, and the whole jalapeno. Cover and bring to a simmer for about 1 hour. Chili will be thick at first. After 45 minute to an hour you can add more beer if it needs more liquid. Remove jalapeno before serving.

You can also add a little Valinteno's hot sauce to bring up the heat. Don't use Frank, Tobasco or Louisianna hot sauce. Those have too much vinegar.

NOTE: I mix all the spices together in a small bowl before putting it into the pot. That way it can all go in at once instead of having to measure each one out and worrying about any of it burning. I also cut slits in the jalapeno before putting it in to get more flavor and heat from it instead of adding hot sauce.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Part Deux

        So, the long weekend ended up not being good for my workouts. Who wants to workout when you could be spending time with your Hubs? Yeah, me either. So I didn't. But, I did do some Turbo Jam one day and I tried to do whatever I could to get moving. I was quite sore after the Turbo Jam. My new favorite workout is doing squats with Gabriel. I hold him on my chest(his knees bent and at my underarms so that he is actually sitting on my chest) and doing slow controlled squats. He thinks it's hilarious and gives big goober smiles and laughs the whole time.

        We also ate out more than we should have this weekend. But I tried my best not to over indulge. Except for the Coldstone Hubs stopped and let me get hehe. Of course I had to take advantage of that! I also tried the detox water and it tastes pretty good. If nothing else it has gotten me to drink more water and it's not just plain water. Hopefully this week will be better workout wise. I, again, am going to try and exercise during naptime. I also need Gabriel to be asleep or at least calm and not fussing. Otherwise, I don't get much of a workout trying to tend to him. But, here are my stats for this week. No picture because I didn't lose hardly anything. But hopefully a couple of Wednesdays from now I will be able to post one. =)

                   Weight: 194lbs (Down 1 lb from last week)

                               Neck: 13 1/2in
                              Arms: 12in
                              Chest: 42 1/2in  (Down 2in from last week)
                              Waist: 40 1/2in  (Down 1in from last week)
                                Hips: 46 1/2in
                            Thighs: 24in

        I think that my measurements are proof that weight lose isn't everything. And I think that is something everybody should keep in mind when trying to lose weight, get in shape, whatever. Just because you don't lose weight or you gain a few pounds doesn't mean that you aren't losing something. And it doesn't mean you aren't getting into shape.

        Please check back next week to see if I have better luck with exercise and if anything changes!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where did my cleaning fairy go?

        Well folks, it's another Manic Mommy Monday! Don't forget to check out the other blogs listed below. And if you want to link your blog up and join in on the MMM fun, please go here.

        I really need to find my cleaning fairy. My house is a mess! But, I've been working on it all day after a nice laid back weekend with the Hubs. He got a 4 day weekend. It was quite nice. Today we decided to go eat lunch and then go to the park. He even stopped on the way home and let me get some Coldstone! Mmmm, cake batter ice cream. It was quite tasty. Now, back to cleaning. Nothing exciting, I know. But hey, I'd rather have nothing exciting than be busy in a bad way. It almost always(yeah, I know, oxymoron) seems to be that when something exciting or new happens it's something medically related and bad. Or at least that's how it is with my family. So, I'd rather just keep it calm unless it's a planned out good that is going to be happening. =)

        Check back next week for the next round of MMM to see what all the mommies are up to! =)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Review #4

Well folks, it's another beautiful Saturday. Which means it's time for another review! What's in store for today? Well, I'm glad you asked...

  1. Goulash(My delicious version and my husband's slop lol)
  2. Lactation Cookies

Yep, it's a short one this week. But that's alright. Perhaps we will have some more interesting things for next week! Both of the recipes for today can be found at my "Recipes" page. =)

        1) Goulash. Yep, that's it. The picture above is my husband's "slop" as I call it. He calls it Goulash. I make this whenever I make regular Goulash. His looks absolutely disgusting if I do say so myself. So, I'm not going to give an actual review of that hehe. But, the regular, real, Goulash is delicious! It is so super easy to make and doesn't take but a few minutes to throw together. Heck, I don't even actually have this recipe written down! And Daniel absolutely loved it. I thought I was going to go crazy from him saying "bite" every two seconds hehe. I highly recommend trying it at least once.

        2) Lactation cookies. I got this recipe from a friend(not sure where she found it) and it is amazing. It tastes so good. You would never guess it had yeast or anything like that in it. I don't really "need" help with my supply. But I don't want to have a sudden loss from working out and have to work my way back up. So, I thought I'd make these and make them part of my snack. Oh darn, whatever shall I do?! I'm so mistreated hehe. Sure, it takes a little time because you are making cookies from scratch. But it is SO worth it. I had about 4 or 5 after they came out of the oven and within an hour or so of eating the first one, I could feel that I was a little fuller than usual. I'm not sure if it was just a placebo effect or if it was the cookies doing their job. But either way, I am calling it a win. And I will definitely be making them again! Oh, and it makes a bunch if you make them on the smaller side. I used a small ice cream scoop and now I have a gallon size bag full and some sitting in a tub as well!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

       Welcome to my first Weight Loss Wednesday. From now on, on ever Wednesday, I will post weight loss related things. Like different healthy foods, exercises, etc. I will also post my current stats. IE: each Wednesday I will weigh myself, measure myself, and take a picture for every 10 lbs I lose. I have also created a "page" for these posts. It can be found at the top of the blog next to my "About Me" and "Recipes" pages. The links will be there for each Wednesday's posting that way they can be easier to locate later on.

        So here is my first WLW. Enjoy. Because I may not hehe.

**These are my more current pictures. I haven't changed much(if at all) from the 4 weeks one**

**EDIT** Weight: 195 Sorry, forgot to put this on here on Wednesday =)

                 Neck: 13 1/2in
                 Arms: 12 1/2in
                 Chest: 44in
                 Waist: 41 1/2in
                   Hips: 46 1/2in
               Thighs: 24in
        Phew, I survived that hehe. Okay, my workout for this week will be my Turbo Jam videos. The original Turbo Jam, not the Turbo Jam Fire or whatever it is now. I am going to try and do it either during the boys' nap time or when everybody else is getting ready for bed at night. If I don't do that then I will at least try to do some push-ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks. And whatever else I can think of to get moving and get my heart rate up.
        I'm not going to include it in my workouts because I am not technically doing anything. But breast feeding burns about 500 calories. So that is always an added bonus. Not only am I providing for my son but I get to sit there and do nothing and still burn that many calories. Win? Why yes I think so! hehe
        My recommended "healthy food" is Overnight Oats. I have shared the link/recipe for them before on my Weekly Review. I think it was my first Weekly Review. I may also try a detox drink. This Zero Calorie Detox Drink is super easy to make and is only a few ingredients. Plus, I really need to drink more water and hopefully this will help since it is flavored.
      Please check back in every Wednesday and see how I'm doing. Of course there will be bumps in the road. The usual highs and lows that go along with weight loss. But I am hoping that having this will help me push through and do it. I need to. Not only for my own health but for my boys. They need to learn healthy eating habits(though I swear Daniel is already a rabbit with all the fruits and veggies he eats lol) and to be active.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday

        It's Manic Mommy Monday time again folks!  This is number 2 for me. Don't forget to go check out the others or even post about your own here.
        Well, last night we moved Gabriel into his own room. I wasn't quite ready. Still not sure if I am. But the Hubs is so we tried. It didn't go too bad. He nurse around 8:30, had a bath then laid down with us, then went into his bassinett in his room around 10:30ish. Laying in bed I could see his bassinett perfectly which was nice. He slept until about 1am and wanted to eat. Then he slept until about 4, came in bed with us, ate again around 5, and then we slept until about 9. So, again, not too bad.
        Hopefully he will start to sleep longer once we can get him into the crib. Going to have to see if Daniel's toddler bed mattress will fit in the crib. Daniel is currently using the crib mattress because it is waterproof, the toddler mattress is fabric. If it doesn't fit then we will most likely have to buy another mattress.
        Another reason for moving him into his own room was because the bedroom got rearranged yesterday. I only sort of helped. I was messing around looking at geneology stuff(the Hubs and I are both addicted now!) and then the Hubs came downstairs and told me he had started rearranging. I then went to help hehe. I had to see what had been done. It actually doesn't look too bad. We are hoping to get our computers into our bedroom to get them away from the animal hair. The cats aren't allowed in the bedrooms and the dog is only allowed in there at night. My poor computer went out a couple weeks ago and we think it was because it got overheated from the hair. We also need to open them up and clean them out more often.
        Well, that is all from this Manic Mommy for today! Enjoy your week everyone!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Review 3

        Okay, for this Weekly Review I only have one picture. Sad day. hehe The rest got eaten before I could remember to get a picture in. But here is a listing of what you can look forward to...
  1. Lazy Day Casserole
  2. Cucumber Salad
  3. Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
  4. Parmesan Crusted Chicken
  5.  Homemade Bread 
1.    Lazy Day Casserole. It was absolutely delicious! I added two different kinds of sausage because I didn't think the 4 sausages(cut in half) looked like enough. And unless you like the flavor of licorice I suggest leaving out the fennel. You couldn't taste it unless you bit into it, but it was quite a surprise when we bit into what we thought was a piece of onion and it turned out to be fennel hehe. It took a little time but was definitely worth it. In fact, not only will we be having this on a regular basis, but I am going to start doing my veggies for pot roast this way!

2.    Cucumber Salad (pictured with the Lazy Day Casserole) was extremely easy to make and very tasty. Daniel absolutely loved it. We will definitely be making this one in the future. Nice and light and healthy. I used dried dill so I added a little more than the recipe called for.

3.    Pan Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon-Garlic Green Beans is such a long name but such an easy delicious dinner. I have made it twice and we liked it both times. The second time was better because I didn't use as much lemon as the recipe calls for. If you really like lemon then try it out with what it calls for. But I think just using the juice of 1 lemon was more than enough. And we might even try it without the lemon next time. Nice and healthy and super fast to put together.

4.    Parmesan Crusted Chicken was so deliciously simple. I already keep all of the ingredients in my fridge/pantry. I don't even need the recipe after having made it a couple of times. I just throw the stuff together. I make a little more than what is called for of the topping. But that is just my preferrence. You could easily put less if you wanted.

**Bread about to be cooked**

**Bread after cooking and about to be devoured!**

5.    I made homemade bread last night and it turned out amazing. I didn't get the recipe from Pinterest, I got it from a friend. The recipe can be found on my "Recipe" page. It made 2 loaves and I think we will start making this instead of buying bread from the store. It was super easy to put together and I didn't need a bread machine! If you love bread you have to try this out at least once.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Donations and giveaways

        Okay, so I have a few things to talk about. First being our military men and women. How awesome are they?! And how blessed are we that we have people sacrificing so much so we can be a free country. A big thank you to them all. On that note, everybody should go check out Project Keeping Cadence's Facebook Page. This lady is seriously awesome. She makes cooling scarves and face scarves for our military members. Seems like such a small thing. But I'm to someone deployed overseas in that great and vast sandbox, it must be a God send. Please go check out the Facebook page and at least give it a like and share it. Spreading the word and getting donations is the least any of us can do. If you can donate then that would be such a great big help.

        Next, I have created a Facebook page for the blog. As of right now it is for giving up dates about the blog to those who wish to receive them and for spreading the word about giveaways that other blogs are having. There are a few cloth diaper/cloth diapering related ones and a breast feeding one going on. Go check them out! All it takes is a second of your time and you could win an awesome prize! One of the more current giveaways going on is at Diaper Junction. They are giving away a Rumparooz diaper cover!

        And lastly.....chin sucking. It's the new thing to do hehe


Thursday, August 23, 2012

A bottle of wine and some ice cream...

        That's what I need. But sadly, won't get. At least not right now. Why? It's just been one of those days. I mean, it started off good. And then nap time came around. My wonderful nap time. I look forward to it everyday. But today, once it was over. I regretted it. I woke up feeling useless and a failure at everything. This seems to happen on a regular basis. I blame hormones and the feeling that I should be doing something more with myself. Like finally losing all this weight or doing like the rest of the people my age. Finding out what I want to do with my life and getting a degree for said thing. But I can never decide what I want to do. There are so many things I enjoy doing. But I can't decide. Partially because I don't want to leave my boys. I won't leave my boys. Not now. I just don't want them in daycare. And I plan on homeschooling them later. So how would that even work?

        And to add to the fun, Daniel pooped in his room. Normally not a big deal. He has been taking his diapers off for a long time now and we are now potty training. But, today it was bad. And I mean really bad. He had played in it, stepped in it, and then went bouncing around like Tigger. And I mean that very literally. I heard him bouncing around like Tigger hehe.

        And then the poor Hubs came home from a bad day and had to leave again. He stayed long enough to eat dinner and let me clean up Daniel's room. But the poor guy had to leave and go back to work. And apparently may not be home until super late or even in the morning if he can make it that long. If only I had the stuff to make a chocolate meringue pie(his favorite). But, on the brightside of the last couple of days, I ordered a couple wetbags and a diaper from Alva Baby and a sprayer hose! I'm so excited to get them in. Now, the rest of my night will most likely be cleaning. If I can find the will power that is. It always seems to be there, just under the surface. But it fades pretty fast. At least on days like this. And of course days like this are usually when I really need to do it. But, at least I have two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband. They make days like this worth it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fluffy butts and baby carriers

        I think that describes today pretty well. Today I switched Gabe over to cloth diapers. Mainly because we ran out of disposables. But also because I was going to do it anyway. He is now in the wonderful Sunbaby diapers that I bought for Daniel. Still holding out hope that I can buy some Ai2's from Alva Baby! Gosh they have some super cute prints.

        Poor thing also wasn't having a very good morning for some reason. Maybe he just wanted some extra cuddles. So I obliged and put him in the Moby wrap. Which we all love. And of course he fell asleep almost instantly. I was quite excited because he slept for a good while and then when he woke up wanting to eat I found a comfy position to feed him and keep him in it. His butt was in the wrap and his upper half was on my arm.

        I really want to try out a ring sling from Minni Line though. Heck, I want just about everything she makes! I am most certainly going to attempt to talk the Hubs into letting me get a wet bag from her. I mean, we need it for all the cloth diapers right? Especially while we are out and about. Right, I knew you'd agree. =)

        I also have to brag on my other Monkey. Daniel has done an amazing job today with the whole potty training thing. I haven't even talked to him once about going in the toilet. He has done it all by himself. Even pooping twice! Of course, I did have to end up chasing him to wipe his rear. But hey all things in good time. And I'm so happy he is doing so well. Hopefully soon he will be completely diaper free! Our next challenge is getting him to tell us when he poops so we can wipe his rear and getting him to go without a diaper during nap time and at bed time.

        Yesterday we decided to go outside. It was a nice fairly warm day out so why not? It was hilarious to sit and watch Daniel chase Sadie(our dog) around the back yard because she kept stealing the pine cone that he had found. And of course, I had to take some pictures. =)

        Since I joined the Manic Mommy Monday my Wednesday "Adventures in Mommyhood" are going to end. Only one week so, nothing missed really. But, either this Wednesday or next it will turn into Weight Loss Wednesday. I need to do it. Lose this weight that is. So, I thought what better way than here. Where I will feel the need to keep updating and journaling about my progress. I need more motivation and hopefully this will be it. Also don't forget about my Weekly Reviews on Saturdays! I already have a couple ready for this weeks. They are Lazy Sunday Casserole and Cucumber Salad! They were so yummy! Come back Saturday and see how mine turned out and to get the recipes of course!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday

MMM...Joining in on the fun!

        So, this will be my first Manic Mommy Monday post and it will be a weekly thing now! To join in on the fun of Manic Mommy Monday, head over here.

        So much for a nice relaxing weekend. Mine was full of toddler screams and cleaning. Bleh. Poor Daniel just didn't have a good weekend. But the one bright spot was a new cute thing that Daniel started doing. We are now "fighting" over Jonathan. Which I'm sure he is just so upset about hehe. I will hug Jonathan and say "My DaDa" and Daniel will run and leap at him trying to get in between us and say "Oh no!". Then he will swat me away, grab Jonathan's face, and just go to jabbering away at him. It's one of the cutest things ever.

        The other bright always...nap time! I finally got to take a nap with Gabriel while Daniel took his. I wish I could cuddle with them both, but Daniel refuses to sleep with us anymore. He is a big boy and just has to do it on his own.

        And I guess that is my stance on cosleeping hehe. We don't do it through the whole night anymore unless Gabriel is just not having a good night. But in the mornings I usually pull him over into bed with us and cuddle with him. And whenever we take naps, he sleeps in bed with me. It's so nice to have such cuddly boys.

**Had a rough night. So he ended up cuddling with Mommy**


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Review #2

        This little bad boy was greatly needed today. For those of you who love Blue Bell Ice Cream, but can't get it. This is the next best thing!! It tastes almost exactly like Blue Bell's Dutch Chocolate and is nice and thick and creamy like Blue Bell. Their vanilla flavor tastes just like Blue Bell's vanilla bean. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine when I found these at the commissary on base! Anywho, on with the reviews!

        So, this week I won't ramble on about 15 different things. Yay you! Here is a list of this weeks reviews(Don't forget to click on the links to go to the original posting to find the recipe!):
  1. Spicy Fall Sugar Scrub
  2. Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken
  3. Plum Freezer Jam
  4. Wreaths

        1) This is what I've been calling Spicy Fall Sugar Scrub. Because that is exactly what it reminds me of. It smells just like you are making a pumpkin pie or something. Minus the pumpkin of course. It is so relaxing. And it works so well. The sugar ends up makes a sort of a gel like layer that makes your skin extra soft. And the sugar scrubs away the dead skin. Which is a wonderful way to get even softer skin. It was super easy to make and even easier to use! I already had everything in my kitchen, so I'd call that super cheap! I highly recommend making this one.

        2) So, I don't have a picture of the Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken. But it was pretty dang good! The Greek yogurt and Ranch dressing mix gave it this sort of tang. I added some shredded cheddar cheese to it and it made it even better! It only took a few ingredients, some of which you could very well already have. And it didn't take long to make, which made it even nicer. I highly recommend trying it at least once just to see what you think.


        3) Sweet, kinda tart, and going to be oh so delicious! Plum Freezer Jam was very easy to make. It required some cooking, some patience, and will require even more patience while it sets. But, it was on the cheaper side and the instructions were very well written and helpful. And most importantly easy to follow. I will admit to saving a spoonful after I poured it into the mason jars. And it was a wonderful sweet and tart all at once. I can't wait to make some biscuits and put some on. Or maybe even a PB&J! Going to be oh so yummy. You should definitely give this one a go!

        4) So easy to make! It took a little bit of extra cash because I didn't have the glue gun, glue sticks, etc. All I had was the slipper on the left and ornaments for the one on the right. But, I am so happy I did it! It took all of about 15 min to make one. And honestly the hardest part was figuring out how I wanted to set everything up on them. I can't wait to make another one! Might do a USA one next!

        See, wasn't that nice? Just a few quick reviews and we were done hehe. Next week I'll actually have the roasted cabbage. I still haven't made it yet. And who knows what other goodies I might have to show you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear sweet coffee...oh how I truly needed you today...

        And I really did. Poor Gabriel had a rough night last night, which meant Mommy got next to no sleep. But, today ended up being a pretty good day! Daniel pooped in the toilet a couple times on his own, actually took his pants off to go peepee in the toilet(both of those are HUGE milestones and I'm so very proud of him!), and I made another wreath!


        Not too shabby if I do say so myself hehe. Not much to report other than that. Just wanted to share and post something. Tomorrow I'll go over the wreaths and a couple recipes in my reviews! And perhaps I'll even have enough time to type out Gabriel's birth story. Could either be very long or...not so long lol. Little stinker sure gave me a long stay in the hospital and an interesting labor/delivery! Hope you all enjoyed your Friday and have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I will have something interesting to share next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wreaths and interesting finds...

        Well, I made my first wreath today! It's a Dallas Cowboys wreath! I am so excited! I'm going to proudly display my Cowboys pride and hang it on my front door. Later on I am going to make another wreath using ball Christmas ornaments with a wooden cross in the middle of it. Please excuse the angle. I was leaning over a counter haha.      

        Now, let's just hope the hubs likes it =)


        Last night I also put up a movie shelf for Daniel. Finally. We have had the DVD rack sitting in our tiny hallway next to the computer room because it is behind a gate there. The little stinker likes to try and put movies in himself. I just know one of these days he's going to break a DVD trying to do it. So, this was my solution. Put the kid movies on a shelf out of his reach in the living room. That way he can still have his movies downstairs and be able to pick one out, with a little help obviously. And the DVD rack can go upstairs into our room so that he still doesn't have access to it but it isn't in the way anymore. And we of course have more kid movies than this, but these seem to be his favorites and there are a couple upstairs in our bedroom already. We have to keep a couple up there for him to watch before bedtime. =)