Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - The fourth kind

        **Coming Soon**
Sorry guys, it's gonna have to wait. Gabriel had his 4 month well baby visit this morning and had to get shots. He did awesome at his appointment, he was all smiles and giggles. He is 24in(19th percentile) and 14 lbs 3 oz(34th percentile). So much smaller than his big brother! I'm kind of surprised. But it just goes to show how different kids are. The nurse and his pediatrican were both totally surprised with how advanced he is because he is already rolling(belly to back and back to belly), is trying to sit up, and can sit on his own for a few seconds at a time. Everything I was telling them they kept saying "Wow! He's not supposed to be doing that yet, that's supposed to be brought up at his 6 month appointment!". Quite a proud mommy moment, if I do say so myself. But then again, his big brother was the same way!
Well, after he got his shots he became quite sleepy and grumpy. But since we got home he has only wanted to be on me. So, I don't think much will get done today. And that is including me measuring myself. I will try to do it later today or tomorrow. I'm not sure which, it will depend on how my Mini Monkey is feeling.
 I can tell you that I am only at about 189 lbs as of this morning. I meant to try the 3 day diet again this week. But stress got the better of me and I cheated. I was actually doing alright yesterday(Day 2) but we ended up going to a going away party for someone who is in the Honor Guard with Hubs. And of course it was for dinner, which they usually are, and it was at a pizzaria. But, on the bright side the pizza was super tasty! hehe
 **My poor baby not feeling good =( **
**Big brother giving him some big kisses**

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