Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday - Part Deux

        So, the long weekend ended up not being good for my workouts. Who wants to workout when you could be spending time with your Hubs? Yeah, me either. So I didn't. But, I did do some Turbo Jam one day and I tried to do whatever I could to get moving. I was quite sore after the Turbo Jam. My new favorite workout is doing squats with Gabriel. I hold him on my chest(his knees bent and at my underarms so that he is actually sitting on my chest) and doing slow controlled squats. He thinks it's hilarious and gives big goober smiles and laughs the whole time.

        We also ate out more than we should have this weekend. But I tried my best not to over indulge. Except for the Coldstone Hubs stopped and let me get hehe. Of course I had to take advantage of that! I also tried the detox water and it tastes pretty good. If nothing else it has gotten me to drink more water and it's not just plain water. Hopefully this week will be better workout wise. I, again, am going to try and exercise during naptime. I also need Gabriel to be asleep or at least calm and not fussing. Otherwise, I don't get much of a workout trying to tend to him. But, here are my stats for this week. No picture because I didn't lose hardly anything. But hopefully a couple of Wednesdays from now I will be able to post one. =)

                   Weight: 194lbs (Down 1 lb from last week)

                               Neck: 13 1/2in
                              Arms: 12in
                              Chest: 42 1/2in  (Down 2in from last week)
                              Waist: 40 1/2in  (Down 1in from last week)
                                Hips: 46 1/2in
                            Thighs: 24in

        I think that my measurements are proof that weight lose isn't everything. And I think that is something everybody should keep in mind when trying to lose weight, get in shape, whatever. Just because you don't lose weight or you gain a few pounds doesn't mean that you aren't losing something. And it doesn't mean you aren't getting into shape.

        Please check back next week to see if I have better luck with exercise and if anything changes!

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