Monday, September 3, 2012

Where did my cleaning fairy go?

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        I really need to find my cleaning fairy. My house is a mess! But, I've been working on it all day after a nice laid back weekend with the Hubs. He got a 4 day weekend. It was quite nice. Today we decided to go eat lunch and then go to the park. He even stopped on the way home and let me get some Coldstone! Mmmm, cake batter ice cream. It was quite tasty. Now, back to cleaning. Nothing exciting, I know. But hey, I'd rather have nothing exciting than be busy in a bad way. It almost always(yeah, I know, oxymoron) seems to be that when something exciting or new happens it's something medically related and bad. Or at least that's how it is with my family. So, I'd rather just keep it calm unless it's a planned out good that is going to be happening. =)

        Check back next week for the next round of MMM to see what all the mommies are up to! =)

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  1. Glad things are quiet for you as well. Never fails to be "interesting" in our house when all the bad stuff happens too! lol