Thursday, September 27, 2012

A random update

        Sorry I haven't been around. The Hubs has been needing his computer to do school work and the internet isn't currently hooked up to my computer. Gotta love the shared internet on base. Not. Anywho, we are all doing good. I haven't been working out still and have been sort of eating healhty. I didn't try to do the 3 day diet this week and failed last week. But here are my current measurements:

             Weight - 189 lbs (Down 1 from last update - Down 6 lbs total)

                       Neck: 13 in (same)
                       Arms: 13 in (Up 1 1/2 in from last update)
                      Chest: 42 1/2 (same)
                      Waist: 38 in (Down 1 in from last update - Down 3 1/2 in total)
                        Hips: 45 in (same)
                    Thighs: 24 in (same)

        So, not too bad. I had gotten back up to 192 over the last couple weeks though. I'm currently thinking about trying something else. Trying to get a work out in somehow other than nap time. I'll try to have a review this Saturday. It will be a short one though. And I will try to be back in the Manic Mommy Monday action as well as updating on Wednesday for my Weight Loss Wednesdays. Thanks for stopping by! =)

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