Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cloth...but the poo!

That's what we always hear. Or think if we have never tried it. But, in all honesty, it's no where near as bad as you would think. Especially if you have the special spray hose that attaches to your toilet. I'm hoping to get one. I cloth diapered Daniel for a few months and loved it. Yes, even with the having to scrape the poo into the toilet with an old spatula and then rinse the diaper in the sink. But sadly I stopped when we moved off base and into the terribly small apartment. I was pregnant, having issues with said pregnancy, didn't have enough room for my tub, yada yada yada. I've got excuses for days. But, we moved back onto base, I gave birth to Gabriel, and I...still haven't started it back up. Sad day. BUT I will! I am going to start introducing Gabriel to solid foods at 4 months(still going to breastfeed though, of course) and I am going to start back up then.

Why not start now?

Why wait until we start solid food?

Because of the breast fed baby poos. If you have never encountered one then you just don't understand. No, they don't stink worse than formula poos. Actually, the hardly smell at all. But they are super duper runny. And I just don't have enough diapers for that. As you can clearly see by my "stash".....

Sad isn't it? But hey, it was enough for when I cloth diapered Daniel. And they were cheap. I am so hoping to buy some more in the near future. I have a whole long list of diapers and leggings from Alva Baby. They have some super cute..and cheap...diapers and leggings. Which I'm all for cheap. As I've said before, we try to be frugal and live by a budget. But I also have a cheap husband, which makes the frugal part of that even worse hehe. But, once Gabriel is on solids, has some thicker more predictable poos, and we can afford(AKA I can talk the hubs into) some more diapers; we will start again. And honestly I'm getting really excited. About both the food and diaper parts! I really did love cloth diapering. It was easy and it saved us so much money. I'm not going for the "green" aspect of it(sorry folks, but that just isn't me and I'm not gonna lie to ya). But I am all for the cheap, healthy, easy stuff.

Keep an eye out for when we start cloth diapering up again. There will be many cute poofy butt pictures! =)

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