Sunday, August 19, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday

MMM...Joining in on the fun!

        So, this will be my first Manic Mommy Monday post and it will be a weekly thing now! To join in on the fun of Manic Mommy Monday, head over here.

        So much for a nice relaxing weekend. Mine was full of toddler screams and cleaning. Bleh. Poor Daniel just didn't have a good weekend. But the one bright spot was a new cute thing that Daniel started doing. We are now "fighting" over Jonathan. Which I'm sure he is just so upset about hehe. I will hug Jonathan and say "My DaDa" and Daniel will run and leap at him trying to get in between us and say "Oh no!". Then he will swat me away, grab Jonathan's face, and just go to jabbering away at him. It's one of the cutest things ever.

        The other bright always...nap time! I finally got to take a nap with Gabriel while Daniel took his. I wish I could cuddle with them both, but Daniel refuses to sleep with us anymore. He is a big boy and just has to do it on his own.

        And I guess that is my stance on cosleeping hehe. We don't do it through the whole night anymore unless Gabriel is just not having a good night. But in the mornings I usually pull him over into bed with us and cuddle with him. And whenever we take naps, he sleeps in bed with me. It's so nice to have such cuddly boys.

**Had a rough night. So he ended up cuddling with Mommy**


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