Monday, August 27, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday

        It's Manic Mommy Monday time again folks!  This is number 2 for me. Don't forget to go check out the others or even post about your own here.
        Well, last night we moved Gabriel into his own room. I wasn't quite ready. Still not sure if I am. But the Hubs is so we tried. It didn't go too bad. He nurse around 8:30, had a bath then laid down with us, then went into his bassinett in his room around 10:30ish. Laying in bed I could see his bassinett perfectly which was nice. He slept until about 1am and wanted to eat. Then he slept until about 4, came in bed with us, ate again around 5, and then we slept until about 9. So, again, not too bad.
        Hopefully he will start to sleep longer once we can get him into the crib. Going to have to see if Daniel's toddler bed mattress will fit in the crib. Daniel is currently using the crib mattress because it is waterproof, the toddler mattress is fabric. If it doesn't fit then we will most likely have to buy another mattress.
        Another reason for moving him into his own room was because the bedroom got rearranged yesterday. I only sort of helped. I was messing around looking at geneology stuff(the Hubs and I are both addicted now!) and then the Hubs came downstairs and told me he had started rearranging. I then went to help hehe. I had to see what had been done. It actually doesn't look too bad. We are hoping to get our computers into our bedroom to get them away from the animal hair. The cats aren't allowed in the bedrooms and the dog is only allowed in there at night. My poor computer went out a couple weeks ago and we think it was because it got overheated from the hair. We also need to open them up and clean them out more often.
        Well, that is all from this Manic Mommy for today! Enjoy your week everyone!



  1. So glad you linked up! Hope the transition keeps going smoothly!

  2. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition for you all. And as for the computers and animals...yeah, I hear that! My dog sheds so much fur I think I could make another dog out of it every 6 mos! Oy!

  3. haha I know! They shed so much it's crazy. And none of them have that long of hair. We decided, my husband decided haha, today that we would make room for Gabriel's bassinett in our room. He came home today and said "I just don't think he's ready like I thought. He still fusses an awful lot at night.". I went all "Yeah, I told you so!" on his rear hehe. And thank you both so much for keeping the MMM going and letting me tag along! =)