Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fluffy butts and baby carriers

        I think that describes today pretty well. Today I switched Gabe over to cloth diapers. Mainly because we ran out of disposables. But also because I was going to do it anyway. He is now in the wonderful Sunbaby diapers that I bought for Daniel. Still holding out hope that I can buy some Ai2's from Alva Baby! Gosh they have some super cute prints.

        Poor thing also wasn't having a very good morning for some reason. Maybe he just wanted some extra cuddles. So I obliged and put him in the Moby wrap. Which we all love. And of course he fell asleep almost instantly. I was quite excited because he slept for a good while and then when he woke up wanting to eat I found a comfy position to feed him and keep him in it. His butt was in the wrap and his upper half was on my arm.

        I really want to try out a ring sling from Minni Line though. Heck, I want just about everything she makes! I am most certainly going to attempt to talk the Hubs into letting me get a wet bag from her. I mean, we need it for all the cloth diapers right? Especially while we are out and about. Right, I knew you'd agree. =)

        I also have to brag on my other Monkey. Daniel has done an amazing job today with the whole potty training thing. I haven't even talked to him once about going in the toilet. He has done it all by himself. Even pooping twice! Of course, I did have to end up chasing him to wipe his rear. But hey all things in good time. And I'm so happy he is doing so well. Hopefully soon he will be completely diaper free! Our next challenge is getting him to tell us when he poops so we can wipe his rear and getting him to go without a diaper during nap time and at bed time.

        Yesterday we decided to go outside. It was a nice fairly warm day out so why not? It was hilarious to sit and watch Daniel chase Sadie(our dog) around the back yard because she kept stealing the pine cone that he had found. And of course, I had to take some pictures. =)

        Since I joined the Manic Mommy Monday my Wednesday "Adventures in Mommyhood" are going to end. Only one week so, nothing missed really. But, either this Wednesday or next it will turn into Weight Loss Wednesday. I need to do it. Lose this weight that is. So, I thought what better way than here. Where I will feel the need to keep updating and journaling about my progress. I need more motivation and hopefully this will be it. Also don't forget about my Weekly Reviews on Saturdays! I already have a couple ready for this weeks. They are Lazy Sunday Casserole and Cucumber Salad! They were so yummy! Come back Saturday and see how mine turned out and to get the recipes of course!

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