Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wreaths and interesting finds...

        Well, I made my first wreath today! It's a Dallas Cowboys wreath! I am so excited! I'm going to proudly display my Cowboys pride and hang it on my front door. Later on I am going to make another wreath using ball Christmas ornaments with a wooden cross in the middle of it. Please excuse the angle. I was leaning over a counter haha.      

        Now, let's just hope the hubs likes it =)


        Last night I also put up a movie shelf for Daniel. Finally. We have had the DVD rack sitting in our tiny hallway next to the computer room because it is behind a gate there. The little stinker likes to try and put movies in himself. I just know one of these days he's going to break a DVD trying to do it. So, this was my solution. Put the kid movies on a shelf out of his reach in the living room. That way he can still have his movies downstairs and be able to pick one out, with a little help obviously. And the DVD rack can go upstairs into our room so that he still doesn't have access to it but it isn't in the way anymore. And we of course have more kid movies than this, but these seem to be his favorites and there are a couple upstairs in our bedroom already. We have to keep a couple up there for him to watch before bedtime. =)

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