Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purging the garage and spray painting

            So, I decided to finally go through all of our junk. We've been slowly going through everything whenever we move. But it is really only to open a box/tub, see if there are any items that go inside the house or that I can put up inside the house, take it out if there is, then close box/tub back up. So needless to say, we have a lot of random junk. At the moment I don't really have anything up in the house, so a lot of the stuff is just sitting in boxes/tubs waiting for me to put up a shelf or something to put it on. But a good chunk of our stuff was stuffed animals. Aboug 3 big tubs worth to be exact. And yes, they were all mine hehe. And again yes, I had refused to let any of them go until yesterday. That's when I came across the stuffed animals pictured above. I've had them since before I can even remember remembering. Actually, the stuffed bunny on the left was made for me by one of my grandmother's if I remember the story right. Sadly, these pictures are all that I will have of them soon. They were all old, dirty, and taking up space in the garage. The poor bunny had some mildew on his bum, so I really had to let him go. But, even though it made me sad to do it, I actually felt good about it after. It is amazing how going through things, making space, and being productive in general can make you feel. I highly recommend it. I do it far too often. As is evidenced by all of the stuffed animals I had hehe.

            I also spray painted the pot in the picture above. I am sure you will hear me say it often, but I LOVE bulk trash night. Or the night before that is. Let me explain. The base that my husband, kids, and I live has a bulk trash pick up day the second and fourth Monday of every month. That means that on Sunday everybody has their stuff sitting out on the curb waiting to be picked up. And who better to go through and pick stuff out that me?! And other people of course hehe. But that means that I got that pot, that usually goes for a good $50 or so, for FREE! All I had to do was buy a can of spray paint to repaint it. And another can here in a couple days to finish it because the first can wasn't enough. I also got a side table for my side of the bed, a toddler bed(just needs screws), and a pallet! I was so excited about my pallet. And I absolutely can't wait to start messing with it. I am also excited because I found out where I can get more free pallets whenever I want. I have so many plans. Almost all of which I got from...you guessed it...Pinterest. Oh how I love that website.

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