Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear sweet coffee...oh how I truly needed you today...

        And I really did. Poor Gabriel had a rough night last night, which meant Mommy got next to no sleep. But, today ended up being a pretty good day! Daniel pooped in the toilet a couple times on his own, actually took his pants off to go peepee in the toilet(both of those are HUGE milestones and I'm so very proud of him!), and I made another wreath!


        Not too shabby if I do say so myself hehe. Not much to report other than that. Just wanted to share and post something. Tomorrow I'll go over the wreaths and a couple recipes in my reviews! And perhaps I'll even have enough time to type out Gabriel's birth story. Could either be very long or...not so long lol. Little stinker sure gave me a long stay in the hospital and an interesting labor/delivery! Hope you all enjoyed your Friday and have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I will have something interesting to share next time!

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