Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Review 3

        Okay, for this Weekly Review I only have one picture. Sad day. hehe The rest got eaten before I could remember to get a picture in. But here is a listing of what you can look forward to...
  1. Lazy Day Casserole
  2. Cucumber Salad
  3. Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
  4. Parmesan Crusted Chicken
  5.  Homemade Bread 
1.    Lazy Day Casserole. It was absolutely delicious! I added two different kinds of sausage because I didn't think the 4 sausages(cut in half) looked like enough. And unless you like the flavor of licorice I suggest leaving out the fennel. You couldn't taste it unless you bit into it, but it was quite a surprise when we bit into what we thought was a piece of onion and it turned out to be fennel hehe. It took a little time but was definitely worth it. In fact, not only will we be having this on a regular basis, but I am going to start doing my veggies for pot roast this way!

2.    Cucumber Salad (pictured with the Lazy Day Casserole) was extremely easy to make and very tasty. Daniel absolutely loved it. We will definitely be making this one in the future. Nice and light and healthy. I used dried dill so I added a little more than the recipe called for.

3.    Pan Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon-Garlic Green Beans is such a long name but such an easy delicious dinner. I have made it twice and we liked it both times. The second time was better because I didn't use as much lemon as the recipe calls for. If you really like lemon then try it out with what it calls for. But I think just using the juice of 1 lemon was more than enough. And we might even try it without the lemon next time. Nice and healthy and super fast to put together.

4.    Parmesan Crusted Chicken was so deliciously simple. I already keep all of the ingredients in my fridge/pantry. I don't even need the recipe after having made it a couple of times. I just throw the stuff together. I make a little more than what is called for of the topping. But that is just my preferrence. You could easily put less if you wanted.

**Bread about to be cooked**

**Bread after cooking and about to be devoured!**

5.    I made homemade bread last night and it turned out amazing. I didn't get the recipe from Pinterest, I got it from a friend. The recipe can be found on my "Recipe" page. It made 2 loaves and I think we will start making this instead of buying bread from the store. It was super easy to put together and I didn't need a bread machine! If you love bread you have to try this out at least once.

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