Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

       Welcome to my first Weight Loss Wednesday. From now on, on ever Wednesday, I will post weight loss related things. Like different healthy foods, exercises, etc. I will also post my current stats. IE: each Wednesday I will weigh myself, measure myself, and take a picture for every 10 lbs I lose. I have also created a "page" for these posts. It can be found at the top of the blog next to my "About Me" and "Recipes" pages. The links will be there for each Wednesday's posting that way they can be easier to locate later on.

        So here is my first WLW. Enjoy. Because I may not hehe.

**These are my more current pictures. I haven't changed much(if at all) from the 4 weeks one**

**EDIT** Weight: 195 Sorry, forgot to put this on here on Wednesday =)

                 Neck: 13 1/2in
                 Arms: 12 1/2in
                 Chest: 44in
                 Waist: 41 1/2in
                   Hips: 46 1/2in
               Thighs: 24in
        Phew, I survived that hehe. Okay, my workout for this week will be my Turbo Jam videos. The original Turbo Jam, not the Turbo Jam Fire or whatever it is now. I am going to try and do it either during the boys' nap time or when everybody else is getting ready for bed at night. If I don't do that then I will at least try to do some push-ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks. And whatever else I can think of to get moving and get my heart rate up.
        I'm not going to include it in my workouts because I am not technically doing anything. But breast feeding burns about 500 calories. So that is always an added bonus. Not only am I providing for my son but I get to sit there and do nothing and still burn that many calories. Win? Why yes I think so! hehe
        My recommended "healthy food" is Overnight Oats. I have shared the link/recipe for them before on my Weekly Review. I think it was my first Weekly Review. I may also try a detox drink. This Zero Calorie Detox Drink is super easy to make and is only a few ingredients. Plus, I really need to drink more water and hopefully this will help since it is flavored.
      Please check back in every Wednesday and see how I'm doing. Of course there will be bumps in the road. The usual highs and lows that go along with weight loss. But I am hoping that having this will help me push through and do it. I need to. Not only for my own health but for my boys. They need to learn healthy eating habits(though I swear Daniel is already a rabbit with all the fruits and veggies he eats lol) and to be active.

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